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Walter Ah Mow III
Walter Ah mow.jpg

Walter Ah Mow III retired after 30 years with the Hawaii County Police Department.  He retired as a Detective Sergeant.  He served in Patrol and the Criminal Investigation Division.  Ah Mow spent many years as a member of the SWAT Unit and was one of the founding officers of the team.  He holds certifications as a firearms instructor and was one of the lead instructors in the department's Active Shooter Response Training Program.  Ah Mow also held a position on the high risk warrant service team.

Michael Cannella
Michael Cannella.jpg

Michael Cannella retired as a Sergeant from the Honolulu Police Department with 33 years of service. He continues to serve HPD as a Reserve Police Officer. During his years as a police officer, Cannella served with SWAT, Patrol, and Training Division. While with SWAT he was a member of the Training Cadre as well as a shotgun instructor. He also served as a Training Academy Supervisor.  In this capacity, he was responsible for training new recruits. He is also a Master Taser Instructor. 

Tara Course
IMG_3326 (1).JPG

Tara Corse is a currently with the Department of Homeland Security.  She is stationed at the Honolulu International Airport and serves as the lead with TSA’s National Explosives Detection Canine Training Program there. She has long been a certified canine instructor. Corse recently retired from the US Air Force Reserve where she served in the Security Forces field.  She has extensive training in Human Trafficking, Active Shooter, Explosives/Hazmat, and Advanced First Aid. 

Bob Dalbec

Bob Dalbec retired as a Corporal with the Honolulu Police Department with 27 years of service. Dalbec spent most of his career in the Specialized Services Division, where he served as a SWAT officer, as well as bomb technician. He has certifications as a Unexploded Ordinance Technician and Hazardous Materials Technician. Dalbec is the recipient of HPD's Warrior Silver Medal of Valor for actions taken during the Waikele firewoks explosion of 2011. 

Guy Demello

Guy Demello retired as a Lieutenant after 32 years with the Honolulu Police Department. Demello served in patrol Districts 6 and 3. Demello also spent many years as a team leader, and then field commander on the SWAT team. While with the SWAT team, Demello was also lead firearms instructor. Demello held designations as lead rappel master and lead climber. During his time in District 3 (Pearl City), Demello worked on many security projects with schools in his area.

Steve Froeschle
Steve Froeschle.jpg

Steve Froeschle retired as a Corporal in the Honolulu Police Department with 32 years of service. He served as a Tactical Instructor for the Narcotics Vice Division, a Training Academy Instructor, a member of the Clandestine Lab Response Team, and a part of the Rapid Deployment Force. Froeschle is a NRA Firearms Instructor. Prior to his time with HPD, Froeschle was a U.S. Army Pilot and Instructor with multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He still serves as a Reserve Officer with HPD.

John Haina

John Haina retired as a Sergeant in the Honolulu Police Department with 30 years of service. He was a member of the SWAT Team for many years. He then was assigned to the Rapid Deployment Force where he was a team leader and lead instructor. He was instrumental in the strategic planning of RDF’s role in many operations. Haina also served as a lead tactical instructor with the Narcotics Vice Division. He has extensive experience in tactical firearms, riot control, active shooter, and narcotics tactics. He still serves as a Reserve Officer with HPD.

Kaipo Miller
Kaipo Miller.jpg

Kaipo Miller retired as a Sergeant from the Honolulu Police Department with over 27 years of service. During his years with HPD, he served in Patrol, SWAT, and Narcotics. While in SWAT he was also a member of the Training Cadre and a sniper instructor. Miller last served in the Narcotics Vice Division where he was a member of the Clandestine Lab Response Team and supervised the Parcel Interdiction Team. He also served as a Tactical Trainer for the Narcotics Vice Division.  Miller is also a certified K-9 handler with special emphasis on explosives detection.

Paul Nobriga

Paul Nobriga retired as a Sergeant after 32 years with Honolulu Police Department. During his years with HPD he worked in the Crime Reduction Unit, Criminal Investigation Unit, and Specialized Services Division. He was a team leader for the SWAT team and held a secondary duty as the leader of SWAT's Training Cadre. Nobriga holds certifications as a Tactical Team Medic and Sniper Instructor. Nobriga has been involved in many strategic operations including Dignitary protection duties.

Rollin Rabara
Rollin Rambawa.jpg

Rollin Rabara retired as a sergeant from the Hawaii County Police Department after 28 years of service.  He served in patrol and also spent many years in the Vice Unit working high risk narcotics cases.  Rabara was instrumental in many high profile cases.  He is a crisis intervention specialist for HPD.  He has taught in many areas of instruction internally for HPD as well as in the community.  Rabara was a lead instructor for the departments Active Shooter Response program.

Chris Sharrer

Chris Sharrer is a member of the Honolulu Fire Department. He is also a Reserve Police Officer with the Honolulu Police Department. He is currently assigned to the Narcotics/Vice Division as a member of the Marijuana Eradication Team and the Clandestine Laboratory Response Team. He is also an instructor for the Narcotics/Vice Tactical Training Program. Sharrer holds certifications in many medic disciplines.

Glenn Solem
Glenn Solem.jpg

Glenn Solem retired as a captain after 31 years of service with the Honolulu Fire Department.  He served many years as a fire inspector and was the commanding officer of the Fire Investigation Section.  Glenn is a nationally recognized expert in fire investigation.  He is certified and accredited by many national and international associations including the National Association of Fire Investigators.  Glenn has instructed nationally and internationally in many fire and arson related courses.   

Craig Tavares
Craig Tavares.jpg

Craig Tavares retired as a Lieutenant from the Honolulu Police Department with 39 years of total service. For many years, he served as a team leader with SWAT where he was also in charge of the Training Cadre. He later held the role of Field Commander with the Rapid Deployment Force, where he specialized in Dignitary Protection, Active Shooter, and Homeland Security operations. He also commanded the Airport Operations Group. After his retirement from HPD, Craig was the Training Manager for an international tactical/rescue training company.

Michael Tsuda

Michael Tsuda retired from the Honolulu Police Department as a Corporal with 32 years of service.  Tsuda served for several years in multiple patrol districts then moved over to the Narcotics/Vice Division where he was involved in many covert operations and worked airborne marijuana eradication missions.  Tsuda then was assigned to the Specialized Services Division (SWAT) for 21 years.  He served as the lead tactical trainer there and holds many certifications in tactics, protective services and firearms.

William Waters
Billy Waters.jpg

William Waters retired as a Lieutenant from the Honolulu Police Department with 25 years of service. His service was split between many years in patrol and many years in SWAT.  While a member of SWAT, he was also a technician on the Bomb Squad.  Waters was involved in many bomb calls involving all types of explosive devices.   He currently works in the Bomb Appraisal Program at the Daniel K. Inouye Airport where he supervises a team of explosive specialists as well as trains and tests TSA screeners on bomb recognition.

Bryan Wauke
Bryan Wauke.jpg

Bryan Wauke remtired as an Assistant Chief from the Honolulu Police Department with over 31 years of service. He served at the Training Academy for many years where he was the Lead Self Defense instructor. One of his last assignments in HPD was co-chair (with U.S. Secret Service) of the Security Planning Committee for APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings) in 2011.  Wauke also spent many years training organizations in various safety and security skills, locally and internationally.

Russ Won

Russ Won retired after 27 years with the Honolulu Police Department. He spent many years in District 3 (Pearl City) and District 8 (Waianae). As a Sergeant Detective he spent many years in the Child Abuse Section of the Criminal Investigation Division. A large portion of his career was spent in the Training Division, where he specialized in street tactics and Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVOC). He retired as Lieutenant of the Information and Technology Division.

Our instructors also hold qualifications and memberships with the following organizations:

  • ​National Rifle Association

  • National Fire Protection Association

  • National Tactical Officers Association

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy (graduate)

  • Drug Enforcement Administration Drug Unit Commanders Academy (graduate)

  • National Rifle Association Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun Instructor

  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency

  • National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center

  • American Safety and Health Institute

  • FBI Hazardous Device School

  • Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center

Our instructors have conducted training in:

  • Eight foreign countries

  • Multiple states

  • All Hawaiian counties

Full resumes available upon request

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