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School and Office Safety and Security

Active Shooter/Emergency Event Response Course

Our model of Evade/Lockdown/Engage/Communicate is presented and practiced extensively. Blue Line Solutions follows the philosophy of hands on training. Our Lockdown drills include Safe Spotting and Cocooning techniques. The Evade section utilizes our Tactical Principles. These drills truly help the participants be better prepared to survive a violent event.

Bomb Recognition Course

This course trains school and office staff to deal with potential Improvised Explosive Device encounters.  Inert devices are presented so that the participants see up close what pipe, sparkler, pill bottle, CO2, and other devices look like.  Stand off and evacuation drills are run in this course.

Narcotics Trends

Narcotics Trends in Hawaii are always changing.  In this session, we address what is currently affecting our youth and our adults.  Simulated samples are shown so that the participants understand what to look for. The physical effects on the human body is explained as part of this course.

First Aid

First Aid courses that are meant to insure that school, office or work crew personnel are prepared to handle emergencies that may arise due to an emergency event or accident.  Pressure bandaging and tourniquet application are the highlights to this class.

Facility Assessment / Evacuation Consultation

Our instructors will conduct a practical evaluation of the vulnerabilities surrounding your facility.  A presentation is made to point out the concerns and solutions are presented. Evacuation procedures are also reviewed and advisory points are made.



Security Guard Card Training

Our instructors are certified as State of Hawaii guard card providers.  Blue Line Solutions conducts the 8 hour initial class as well as the 4 hour recertification class.

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(These courses are intended for law enforcement officers only)

Tactical Tracking Course

This is a very unique course that provides participants with the techniques, movements and team dynamics to visually track a missing person or fugitive through wilderness terrain.  The participants will learn to read footprints, vegetation signs, and transfers and to coordinate these readings into a continuous pursuit of the subject.

First Aid

First Aid courses that are built to fit the needs of the organization.  Blue Line Solutions has instructors with many years of experience at tactical medical support.  These course can run from the very basic to more advanced emergency skills.

Firearms Courses

Blue Line Solutions is capable of providing firearms training with various weapons systems. Real world shooting skills are stressed but tempered with a high level of safety.

Tactical Techniques Courses

These courses are built from the ground up to meet the requirements of the unit.  Patrol tactics to SWAT tactics - we work with the unit to construct a class so that you get what you want and need.


Blue Line Solutions is capable of a wide array of tactical skill sets so call with your request.

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