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Blue Line Solutions is committed to training school staff, office staff, and first responders in various skill sets in order to improve their potential for survival in an emergency event.

Our specialty is to train school and office employees to respond to active shooter events or other emergency incidents. Our model of Evade/Lockdown/Engage/Communicate provides options that can be employed in various situations.

We provide training to security guard companies and are certified to provide Hawaii State guard card training.

Our tactical training is for law enforcement agencies. We are capable of providing firearms training, fugitive and rescue tracking, and other unique tactical skills training.

We also have specialists that can provide first aid training.

Ultimately our training will prepare you for the worst.

"I appreciate actually being able to 'DO' or practice what is being taught in the classroom." - teacher

"I have more than 30 years in education and this is the best training I have ever been to!" - teacher

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"It made us see the classroom in a different way, such as cocooning options. We can now see the strengths and weaknesses of our classrooms in terms of protecting ourselves and our students during an emergency." - school staff

"The experience of the instructors definitely showed throughout the course. They had answers and options for every question." - police officer

"Made me feel more empowered that I could possibly protect myself in an emergency situation. Usually we are only focused on academics, behavior, etc, now we can arrange our classrooms for an emergency situation." - teacher

"The instructor was able to make us feel safe in  what was definitely a hazardous environment. I feel I got more out of these two days of training than I have in any other training I've been in." - electrical lineman

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